Point-of-Care Multiplexed Immunoassay

Quantitative protein microarray scanner for cardiac care

XCellCure is revolutionizing the way the world treats heart attacks. They have developed a multiplexed biomarker panel which identifies patients at risk for an impending heart attack. This panel includes both prognostic and acute indicators of cardiac disease. This information will aid clinical decisions at the point of care, enablinging appropriate triage, and ultimately saving cardiac tissue. The company is making this technology available in clinical and home use settings, where it can inform better lifestyle choices and provide real-time actionable information.

XCellCure has contracted with Mosaic to develop a prototype microfluidic consumable and point-of-care reader instrument capable of quantifying thirteen biomarkers and rendering a result in under 30 minutes. Mosaic designed and prototyped assay cartridges based around a protein microarray with onboard reagents stored in blisters. The portable reader instrument includes embedded imaging hardware for reading the microarray, electromechanical actuators for blister actuation, and an embedded touchscreen controller for analyzing imaging data and providing quantitative results. The device and biomarker panel are the subject of several US and worldwide patents. Mosaic's involvement has included:

  • Design, prototyping, and assay integration testing for a microarray consumable
  • Electromechanical design and prototyping of a point-of-care reader instrument with embedded microscope hardware
  • Firmware development for image analysis, biomarker quantification, cloud connectivity, and UI (Python/Qt/OpenCV)
  • Data analysis tools in MATLAB/Python
  • Microarray spotting process development, including developing custom spotting software
  • Technical due diligence: reviewing patent literature and competitive landscape