Algorithms & Analytics

Instruments today are generating more and more data. With that in mind, it’s important to develop efficient strategies for managing this data and sorting signal from noise.

We can help develop algorithms for data analysis and visualization using both classic algorithms (e.g. pattern matching, statistical regressions, and image segmentation/morphological operations) as well as new machine learning approaches (e.g. support vector machine algorithms). We have experience building tools for visualizing time-series data, 2D imaging data, 2D imaging timelapse data, and 3D data. We can extract statistical trends on your data to yield key insights for R&D, quality control, and business intelligence.

For medical diagnostic instruments, it’s critical to understand key performance metrics such as sensitivity, specificity, predictive agreement, and limits of detection/quantification. We can help you develop sound experimental and statistical strategies for determining device performance from experimental data.