Our Team

We bring over fifty years' combined experience in academic and industrial R&D settings.

Frankie Myers, PhD

Frankie is Founder and Principal at Mosaic. He brings over fifteen years’ experience in R&D, product development, technical project management, and instrumentation. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Santa Clara University, where he teaches Medical Device Product Development. He was part of the founding team at Lucira Health, Inc., where he served as Director of Engineering, overseeing the design and development of the company’s molecular diagnostic device from concept development through regulatory clearance, manufacturing scale-up, and IPO. Prior to that, he was a staff researcher and lecturer at UC Berkeley, where he developed a number of diagnostic instruments for global health and taught courses in biomedical instrumentation. Frankie has a broad technical skillset encompassing electronics, firmware, microfluidics, and assay integration. He holds undergraduate degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NC State and a PhD in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley, where his research focused on microfluidics for cell biology. He’s co-author of six issued patents and 15 journal articles. Outside of work, he’s an aspiring songwriter and builder of interactive art.

Greg Meess

Greg is a multidisciplinary engineer at the intersection of mechanical and software engineering. He’s undertaken a broad portfolio of projects and patents spanning solar energy, food handling, and 3D printing, and biodevices. He has a strong background in machine design, automation, and prototyping. Additionally, he brings almost a decade of experience creating desktop applications for rapid prototyping, 3D simulations, and computational geometry. He has both Bachelor and Masters of Mechanical Engineering degrees from Cornell University. When he’s not writing code or building CAD models, Greg is an avid cyclist and homebrewer.

Krishia Santiago

Krishia is responsible for handling Administrative and Accounting tasks for the Mosaic team. With an Accounting degree, she expertly manages financial matters. In her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries and American series, and dining out with her family.

Leo Saavedra

Leo is a Mechanical and Software Engineer focusing on medical devices. His work has included hardware and software development, test fixture development, experimental work, data analysis, and manufacturing process development. He holds a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from CSU Sacramento. Outside of work, you can find him hugging the curves on Skyline Boulevard on his Ducati Panigale V4 S.

Will Edwards

Will is a software solutions architect and entrepreneur with over fifteen years’ experience building desktop applications, web services, and database backends across different industries. When he’s not writing code, you can find him working on his beloved 1974 VW bus.

Quincy Huynh

Quincy is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley, advised under Professor Steven Conolly. His research is in optimizing front-end electronics for novel medical imaging techniques, with a focus on low noise analog design. He has a broad range of experience developing and evaluating hardware through working at Apple, Google, and the Department of Defense. In his spare time, he likes to lift heavy things at the gym.