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At the heart of any life science or medical instrument are the sensors and actuators which actually perform measurements and apply stimulus to a physical specimen. We have experience incorporating sensors and frontend electronics for monitoring a wide range of signals, and we’ve built mechatronic assemblies for automated sample handling. Our work includes:

  • Low-noise techniques for recording signals such as electrophysiology, optical absorbance, fluorescence, temperature, and fluid transport
  • Custom PCBA design, including mixed-signal design for analog front-ends and digital embedded control
  • Electromechanical test and measurement fixtures
  • Incubation for driving chemical reactions or sustaining live cell cultures
  • Customized computer vision and microscopy solutions for brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence imaging.
  • Robotic/mechatronic actuators for sample loading, alignment, and reagent delivery
  • Compatibility with lab automation equipment, including liquid handlers