Research & IP

Comprehensive technical due diligence, IP strategy, and concept refinement

Technical due diligence is a critical step in evaluating a new product concept. We will work with you to review technical risk, cost and manufacturability, competitive technologies, and intellectual property landscape. Our comprehensive technical due diligence services include:

  • Technical feasibility & SWOT analysis
  • Competitor technical analysis
  • Academic literature review
  • COGS estimates & manufacturing scale-up feasibility
  • Patentability and freedom to operate (FTO) analysis
  • Drafting patent claims & working with IP counsel on new filings

In addition, we will work with your marketing team, voice-of-customer representatives, users, and customers to develop customer requirements and translate these into concrete product engineering specifications.

Unlike many product development firms which prefer to engage later, we thrive in the “napkin sketch” phase of an idea, and we will help you approach your idea from every angle to ensure it’s robust before significant investments are made.