iPhone Ophthalmoscope

Diagnostic-quality, widefield retinal imaging in a battery-powered mobile phone platform

UC Berkeley's CellScope project aims to bring diagnostic-quality imaging to remote and resource poor settings with the use of mobile phones and tablets.

During Dr. Myers's tenure as research engineer in Professor Dan Fletcher's bioengineering lab, he developed devices and software for a range of mobile microscopy applications.

One such project involved the development of an iPhone-based ophthalmoscope, a camera for taking images of the retina. Dr. Myers developed the mobile app, BLE-enabled electronic hardware, and contributed to a revised optical system which improved the usability of the device. A key innovation was the development of a detachable display that could be positioned in front of the opposite eye, providing a programmable fixation point for a patient’s gaze. This enabled multiple images to be collected from different regions of the retina and then stitched together in software to yield a single, widefield image. Resolution and field of view were comparable to gold standard clinical fundus cameras.

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