Software Debugging and Data Analysis Tools

Graphical user interfaces for realtime device control, automated test, and data visualization

We have developed a wide range of software tools for debugging instrumentation and diagnostic devices. Typically, these software tools involve real-time communication with embedded firmware via an interface such as USB, RS-232, or Ethernet, and they often involve a hardware test fixture. Debugging tools are an essential component of the product development process as they facilitate R&D, product configuration, troubleshooting, and design verification. It often makes sense to outsource development of these tools so the core team can stay focused on the product itself. We can help you define a robust API for device configuration and control and work on both the firmware side and application software side to develop the right tools for you.

Past software tools have included:

  • Realtime device control and state monitoring
  • Scriptable interfaces for automating test suites
  • Visualizing and plotting device data for DHR records
  • Controlling customized liquid handlers and microarray spotters
  • Realtime mechatronic/motion control
  • Microtiter plate layout based on assay parameters