Proof-of-Concept Prototype for Home Health Device

Leveraging off-the-shelf components to quickly get to a prototype for clinical testing.

When Empo Health needed help with a functional proof-of-concept prototype for their revolutionary imaging bathroom scale, they turned to Mosaic Design Labs. Empo’s novel product is designed to assist diabetic patients and doctors with at-home visual inspection of feet, aiding in the early detection of issues like diabetic foot ulcers before they result in serious complications. A critical technical challenge for Empo involved the integration of a key sensor into a prototype in time for a clinical proof of concept validation study. Mosaic was able to deliver a solution in under 8 weeks to meet Empo’s timeline by utilizing a sensor from an existing off-the-shelf product, integrating it with custom mechanical components designed to fit within Empo’s low-profile bathroom scale form factor.

“Frankie and his team understood our needs and were able to think outside the box and quickly put together a solution we could use in the clinic. We really appreciated Mosaic’s communication and creative problem solving throughout the project.”

Eric Dahlseng, Chief Product Officer, Empo Health