Realtime Colorimetric Assay Instrument

Multiplexed benchtop system for realtime measurements of colorimetric isothermal nucleic acid amplification assays

Mosaic developed a benchtop instrument to conduct multiplexed realtime colorimetric nucleic acid amplification assays. The instrument provides isothermal incubation of a LAMP reaction (loop-mediated isothermal amplification). Simultaneously, it measures optical absorbance changes across 48 specimens.

Key aspects of the project included:

  • Optical specimen block assembly design based around a Peltier thermoelectric module
  • Motorized lid mechanism design
  • Custom mixed-signal PCBA design
  • Embedded controller based around the Toradex Apalis iMX6 system-on-module running Torizon Linux
  • Firmware developed in C++/Qt with a touchscreen UI built in QML
  • Over-the-air updates and remote monitoring across entire fleet of instruments
  • Backend database development and web UI for data visualization
  • Finite element modeling of thermal performance
  • REST API for automation control
  • Experimental bench characterization of thermal and optical performance
  • Temperature and optical calibration standards and automated calibration routine
  • Design for assembly, test, and service
  • Full design outputs documentation package
  • Pilot assembly