Raytracing Simulation Tools

Custom software for tolerance stackup analysis and Monte Carlo simulations of optical systems

We have experience building custom optical raytracing modeling tools and user interfaces for unique optical systems. Past projects have included:

Tolerance stackup and Monte Carlo simulation of a near-field imaging device.

The client wanted to understand how manufacturing variability would affect imaging performance of a large-area microlens array intended for medical applications. We built a custom graphical user interface in Python using open source raytracing libraries to simulate various manufacturing conditions and evaluate point spread function and resolution of the system. The tool is capable of simulating image quality given test data.

Algorithmic lens design and raytracing simulator for cylindrical fresnel lens solar collectors

This project involved a unique, inflatable solar lens designed to maximize light collection efficiency onto monocrystalline photovoltaics. We developed a custom raytracing simulator which heuristically solved for the optimal fresnel lens pattern given geometric constraints. The tool was used to design lenses for prototype fabrication.